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apparitions band

Band Bio

The duo of Alex Lee and Brandon Spearman has announced that they are changing their band’s name from This Twilight City to Apparitions. As This Twilight City, the band sold over 50,000 units of their Just Breathe EP while drawing over 18,000 unique viewers to a live acoustic concert stream they held.

With the new name comes a change in the sound from pop-rock to a darker more aggressive sound that has been presented on the first two songs released as Apparitions. Brandon comments on the bands’ new sound, “We like to describe it as pop-metal, but in all honesty it is a bit deeper than that. We do have some metal and pop tendencies, but we also bring a bit of experimental, progressive and electronic styles to the table as well.” Brandon then continues by saying, “With the different styles of music we have mixed in that make our sound, we would be able to fit in with groups like Chiodos, Coheed And Cambria, and Circa Survive.”

Band Members

Alex Lee - Vocals
Brandon Spearman - Vocals/Keys
Aaron Lacesne - Guitar
Dylan Fields - Guitar
Cooper Osbron – Drums

Tour Dates

Not on tour

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